Games from the dark north


Here are a couple of games the guys at Corvid have worked on, including one or two still in development
  • Monster VR – NRK

    We’ve been working in secret on a game with Norwegian public broadcaster, NRK, on a VR game to accompany the release of their new drama series. Monster VR is now available for iOS and Android

    Monster VR – NRK
  • Through the Woods

    Through the Woods is a third-person Norse horror game set in a forest on the western shore of Norway, about a mother and her missing son. Through reactive narration, you play the mother’s re-telling of the events surrounding her son’s disappearance in a setting heavily influenced by Norse mythology and Norwegian folk tales.

    We worked on Through the Woods for around three years, from conception to release and beyond.

    You can buy Through the Woods on Steam now

    Through the Woods
  • Mosaic

    Mosaic is Krillbite Studio’s second big game production and will be a completely different game genre-wise than Among the Sleep. Mosaic is a mysterious game with themes related to urban and social isolation. In the teaser trailer we see the main character do his everyday tasks at the same time, the same way, every day, until one day weird things starts happening and everything around him changes.

    Torstein started as a full time member of Krillbite and a programmer on Mosaic in early 2017.

    Find out more about Mosaic here.

  • Poio Read

    Readlings are fun characters your child will love to play with. Each Readling represents a vowel that can manipulate and transform words in many different ways.

    The game challenges your child to identify, compare, swap, and rethink letter sounds to solve word puzzles.

    Curiosity and creativity combined with dynamic challenges and recognition are the main motivators for reading. The game is designed to engage and spark your child’s intrinsic motivation to learn more.

    Dan has recently completed the sound design process on Poio Read as a freelancer, helping bring the game to life and emphasise and compliment the game design.

    You can find out more about the game on the Poio Read website

    Poio Read
  • My Child: Lebensborn

    My Children: Lebensborn is a serious game that gives insight into the life of a child of war – a German youth – in Norway after World War Two. In this simulation game you are responsible for taking care of a Lebensborn child. The child needs to be fed, cared for, played with and protected from the outside world. It will prove a difficult and heart breaking task, for the game is based on actual events of the post-war period. How many children experienced being virtually fair game in their communities because they carried the genes to their German soldier fathers…

    Dan worked as a freelance sound designer for My Child: Lebensborn for several months, taking care of the audio implementation for both sound design and music using Fabric and Unity.  

    You can find out more on the My Child: Lebensborn website

    My Child: Lebensborn
  • Through the Woods: An Interactive Horror Novel

    Through the Woods – An Interactive Horror Novel is pretty much what it sounds like.

    It’s an interactive text-based version of the 2016 PC game, Through the Woods, with full sound design and route choices.

    More details to come in the next weeks.

    Through the Woods: An Interactive Horror Novel
  • No Toy Tub

    No Toy Tub is a game we made during Global Game Jam Hamar 2017. Be the first baby to splash your toys out of the bath!

    You can check it out and download it here

    No Toy Tub
  • Dupe

    Dupe is a game we worked on with Antagonist for the 2016 Norwegian Championship in Gameplay.

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Who are we?

Just a couple of guys who are up to no good.
A new studio from some of the devs who brought you Through the Woods

Corvid is a new Norwegian studio formed by Dan Wakefield and Torstein Vien, the dashing chaps that co-founded Antagonist and made the 2016 horror game, Through the Woods.

We have a bunch of experience between us in making games and operating a studio, and we're branching out to explore new and super exciting opportunities.

We plan to develop original content for PC, consoles and mobile, and are also available for work for hire projects. Making games is what we know, and we're forging our own path. Anything you need from us, just get in touch // Corvid


Here you can find a picture of our faces and a few links to our social channels
Dan Wakefield
Dan Wakefield
CEO, Designer, Writer, Sound
Dan is the CEO and co-founder of Antagonist AS. He was the sound designer, writer and composer on Through the Woods.

He goes by many names. For now, Dan will do.
Torstein Vien
Torstein Vien
CTO, Designer, Programmer, Masseuse
Torstein was lead programmer on Through the Woods and a co-founder of Antagonist AS.

Dangerous as a cornered goose and totally crazy. Just don’t go near him.


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